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Turfing works at Glentress Forest, Peebles

Turfing works on Glentress Forest mountain bike centre.

We recently completed a rather unusual turfing project at the Glentress centre, Peebles.

Creating outdoor seating constructed entirely from turf. Here are the photos taken before, during and after all the work.

This job involved 1200 rolls of turf.

As it looked before we started the make-over works

The hard work begins !!

Building up the sub-base of the structure's

Taking level's and setting height's

We created the "building blocks by unrolling the rolls of turf and folding them into square-ish blocks and the whole job was was completed in much the same way as you would build a brick wall. Every second layer of "turf block" was locked in place with a wrap over layer of turf as shown in the photos below.

Grubbing up the ground around the turf seating prior to the seeding of wild meadow flower and grass seed to compliment the seating area

Nearly completed

Preparing the last area for turfing. This took a back breaking day of hand barrowing in some 40 tonnes of top soil

Once the top soil was in place it was raked to level and prepared for the final phase of the turfing

All the tuf laid, just a few finishing cuts to even off and job done.

In the background you can see the finished turf seats from the previous photos.

All in all, a really nice job and something

really different.

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