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Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed eradication programmes

Japenese Knotweed, the home owners and development manager's nightmare.

This is one plant or weed you do NOT want growing on your property, or anywhere near it for that matter.

Japanese Knotweed was introduced to Britain many years ago from the far east and has quickly become a listed pest. It has a very destructive growth pattern and will quite happily reduce your bricks and mortar to rubble. If you spot this in your garden or anywhere near it, call us immediately and we will come to your property and assess it for you. The quicker this plant is caught and stopped, the less chance of it doing your property and land damage.

"getting rid" of this pest is a slow drawn out affair which can take a number of years of chemical application via spraying and stem injection. First spraying of the leaves to weaken it and reduce it's mass and then further stem injection operations are required to get the chemicals down into it's root system. Japanese Knotweed's root system extends for metre's under ground, hence the reason it takes a very long time to kill off completely.

It is illegal to cut it down and remove the cuttings from your site unless you are a SEPA registered and licenced Knotweed contractor.

Giant Hogweed

Again this this plant was introduced to Britain many years ago from Asia. It secretes a toxic sap and can cause serious burns and blisters to the skin which can take months to heal. Should you be unfortunate enough to get the sap into your eyes then there is a real possibility of blindness,

Eradication is best done by chemical means and is a service we supply to the private and commercial markets.

Do not let your children play in an area where this plant is growing, and call us to have a survey done to eradicate this pest.

DO NOT let this plant onto your property.

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