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Green, Sedum and Living Roofs

M.I.B. Services has recently won the contract to maintain the Sedum roofs of 7 newly built primary schools in Midlothian.

I have to admit it felt a bit strange doing mowing and strimming up on roofs !!!!. Before we could even get near the roof, we had to undertake a "working at heights" and a "safety harness " training course, a big thank you to Gavin at Pendrech Height Services for his excellent training course.

We are very pleased to have won this work, it gives us a new market to explore and lots of new opportunities. Our customer is one of the biggest construction and facilities management company's in the world.

Below is some photos and a little about what we will be doing for the contract.

Mowing the Sedum roof.

Yes it does sound silly mowing a roof and we certainly got some strange looks from passersby, but this is just one method of maintenance works for Living roofs

The other way is to strim the Living roofs as this picture shows

Sedum or living roofs are quite a new construction styling to the UK market, and I hope we will see many more schools, universities, colleges, NHS Doctors Practices being constructed in this way.

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