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Contracting M.I.B. Services to do your job

When you hire M.I.B. Services to take care of your grounds, you can expect to be involved in full with all the contract planning and negotiation, both for your protection and the protection of M.I.B. Services. The contract summarizes the extent of the work that needs to be carried out and whether it is a one-time thing or an ongoing plan of maintenance. We can specify the services for you or you you can give it to us, things such as how the works are to be carried out, when and for how long. The price is also part of the contract as well as the method of payment and the intervals between payments so that there can be no confusion about this by either party.

A M.I.B. Services maintenance contract will include the following:

- the names and address of both parties

- the aspects of maintenance that will be provided

- the start and end dates of the service

- the cost of the service

Both parties will sign and date the contract. Although you won’t need to have a lawyer to legalize this contract, it is considered a legal document and is binding on the part of both the contractor and the client.

Another facet of our contracts include the option that either party can cancel the contract at any time, giving a 30 day notice period, so in the unlikely event you are not happy with our services you have the entitlement to cancel without charges being levied against you.

Commercial clients often engage our services to take care of their portfolios of properties for the undertaking of mowing the grounds, looking after the plants and shrubs and to provide a neat and tidy appearance for each estate or single property.

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