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Green, Sedum and Eco Friendly Roof Maintenance

M.I.B. Services is one of only a few landscape maintenance contractors in Edinburgh and the Lothians to carry out this type of specialist maintenance works.

We currently look after the Sedum roof maintenance of 7 newly built Midlothian Primary Schools.

Specialist ' Working at Heights' training had to be undertaken for this contract.

What is a Sedum / Green / Eco Friendly Roof ?

A Sedum roof is also known as a green roof, or living roof, and is an ecologically responsible way to cover your roof whilst providing a number of other benefits not available with typical roofing materials. Sedum is a plant, or series of species of plants, that you can grow on your roof. 

Sedum roofing on a school roof in Midlothian, strimmed down and de-weeded for the winter months
Sedum plants can range in colour including vibrant reds, greens, oranges, browns, and purples. You can also choose from a variety of textures including leafy and flowering plants giving your Sedum roof a beautiful appearance. There are over 20 sedum plants you can purchase and they live and thrive throughout the year.Among the unique properties of a Sedum roof is the fact they are low maintenance. But will require regular inspection to prevent weed infestation. Essentially, as the plants grow, they create a thick carpet which can help prevent weeds from growing. 
Although regular maintenance, inspection and weed removal is still required from the months of May through to October.And because the Sedum grows at a low and dense height, around 2-5cm (excluding the height of any flowers), there is no real need to regularly cut or trim the plants to keep up appearances, but lightly cutting and strimming at the the end of the flowering months is recommended.

A well maintained Living roof should look like the picture above, but a poorly maintained roof like in the picture below will quickly become over grown with weeds, like in this picture below. Regular inspection and weed control measures are essential for the well being of the roof and the Sedum.

A poorly maintained Living roof will quickly become overgrown with weeds and destroy the Sedum plants, regular weed control measures and maintenance are essential for the well being of the living roof
Not only will your Sedum roof offer a unique appearance compared to traditional construction, you have a lot of control over the look of the roof since you can select a range colours from different Sedum plants. In other words, your Sedum roof will look completely different to the next Sedum roof because the colours of the plants will grow in their own unique pattern. As the seasons change, for example during the winter months, a new range of colours will display so each year your roof will surprise and astonish everyone who comes into view.

Maintenance of Sedum roofing, lightly strimming and dead heading of the Sedum for the winter
A Ladybird feeding on Sedum plants, is just one of the varied insects that will live in an Eco roof environment
There are a range of uses for Sedum roofs and you are not restricted to the building type. For example, you can find Sedum on homes, garden huts, garages, commercial buildings such as offices and factory's and also on schools and universities.However, aside from the beautiful and unique appearance of a Sedum roof, there are other benefits to consider. Firstly, Sedum roof products are kinder on the environment as they help provide natural insulation. Also, green roofs, such as a Sedum roof, can alleviate some of the flooding from heavy rainfall as most of the initial water is soaked up into the roof. Sedum roofs are quieter than traditional roofs as they absorb sound and the pitter patter of rain. Your Sedum roof can also provide its own micro climate for birds and insects.A living roof is much more appealing to look at than a typical slate roof and contributes to an overall “greener” message, emphasizing the importance of environmental protection and you don’t have to live in the country to add a green roof to your home or office. It’s a proven fact that human beings are calmer and happier when there is plant life in the surroundings and a Sedum roof makes sense on so many important levels.

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